Can analytics drive improvement? is Avant-garde Health’s easy-to-use analytics solution that helps hospitals understand, benchmark, and share insights related to outcomes, costs, and process metrics at the service-line level. Our web platform provides healthcare leaders with the actionable analytics necessary to decrease variation, standardize care, and reduce spending. The result is a more accurate understanding of actual costs, often never before reported, driving more targeted improvement strategies.

Our intuitive dashboards, charts, and reports present detailed analytics across three areas impacting health care costs:

  1. Clinical Analytics – tracking outcomes such as readmissions, complications and discharge to home
  2. Financial Analytics – calculating costs for inpatient personnel and supplies as well spending for post-acute care
  3. Operational Analytics – measuring cost-driving time frames and processes involved in patient care


Evidence for Care Pathways & Clinical Decision-Making

View data on specific clinical decisions by surgeon and understand how that relates to additional analytics such as how a clinical approach in spine surgery may impact average OR time for each surgeon. 


Insights for Improving Efficiency & Supply Chain

See variation in supply costs across the team of surgeons  and further identify which variables can be addressed with drill downs into supply costs by item and by patient.



Benchmarks for Reducing Costs & Improving Outcomes

Use national cohort benchmarks to quantify improvement potential and identify opportunity areas. For example, address the outliers driving variations in post-acute care spending.


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