AI Mentors podcast: Charlie Berg

Alldus International’s AI Mentors podcast features artificial intelligence leaders and data scientists from around the world, sharing their stories, successes and advice. Host Mark Kelley was joined on Episode 11 of AI Mentors by our very own Charlie Berg.

Charlie has more than 40 years of experience building and leading teams that have successfully brought new technology to market. His career spans industries — from financial services to health care — and has most recently brought him to lead Engineering here at Avant-garde Health. Charlie’s team works with clinical, financial and operational data sets to model, analyze and inform care delivery, and support our mission to improve profitability and quality across the continuum of care.

Episode 11 of AI Mentors covers:

  • What Charlie and the Avant-garde team are up to

  • Problem-solving advice

  • What data scientists can learn from engineering projects

  • Learning from successes and failures

  • Charlie’s involvement with the Boston CTO Club, as a founding member 

Listen to the podcast.