About us: Avant-garde Health is an analytics company building a nationwide network of leading health care providers who work with us to improve care, costs, and collaboration across the care continuum.

Our analytics tool is a trusted solution for physicians, executives, finance managers, service line managers, and patient navigators committed to delivering cost-effective patient care.

What We Do


Improve Patient

With our analytics, hospitals improve
outcomes and standardize care pathways.


Improve Profitability and

With our insights, hospitals increase
efficiency and maximize value.


Improve Hospital-Physician

With our benchmarks, hospitals engage
stakeholders and create high-performing teams.


Impact Across the Network

Avant-garde works with leading health systems who on average are at the 75th percentile nationally. Their collective work is helping develop evidence-based best practices focused on trusted data, actual costs, and improved outcomes. Results from our impact study demonstrate the efficacy of integrating analytics into the continuum of care.  

Average Patient Care Improvements

Length of Stay decreased by 13%; Readmission Rate decreased by 21%; Physical Therapy on Day of Surgery increased 33%; Discgarge to high-cost settings decreased by 33%

Average Cost Savings Per Case

$2,100 total average savings per case includes $700 in inpatient costs and $1,400 in PAC costs

Avant-garde’s solution has generated a high level of physician engagement unlike we have seen in the past, and it is helping us drive improvement across multiple metrics.
— Jon Shaker, New England Baptist Hospital


Thought Leadership

Avant-garde Health and our advisors Professors Robert Kaplan and Michael Porter at Harvard Business School are transforming health care.  Through our platform, their proven strategies are now benefiting health systems across the U.S.  The publications below further outline the importance of integrating actionable analytics into practice.