Value Improvement across the Care Continuum



CareMeasurement is a cloud analytics platform that provides clinically relevant insights into the costs and outcomes for each patient across their entire care cycle, and identifies actionable performance improvement opportunities for multidisciplinary teams which include administrators, clinicians and patient care staff.


Combining (1) electronic health record, (2) financial and (3) patient report outcomes data with the (4) post-acute care claims and (5) our proprietary benchmarks built upon a data registry of hundreds of thousands of patients, we help our clients normalize the data as a critical first step. From there, we automate Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) to accurately measure the costs of health care resources used as a patient moves along a care pathway. The result is a more accurate understanding of actual costs and operations that empirically drive more targeted improvement strategies.

Performance improvement insights cover three main areas:

  • Clinical insights – dive deeper into outcomes such as readmissions, complications and length of stay to continue to improve clinical practices

  • Financial insights – calculate inpatient and post-acute care costs to identify drivers for cost savings

  • Operational insights – streamline peri- and intra- operative, and discharge processes to create the maximum value for all stakeholders involved in the care cycle

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