New Feature By Popular Demand

Clients across the Avant-garde Health network have requested a custom date range filter and we’re happy to report that this feature is now live!

The updated Time Period filter enables our customers to more precisely measure the impact(s) of their improvement efforts by creating the ability to define custom start and end dates for their reports, beyond the existing “Most Recent Month”, “Most Recent 3 Months”, and “Most Recent 12 Months” options.

To select a custom date range, go to the dashboard and simply click on “Time Period” to view the new drop-down menu. At the bottom of the list, select “Custom Range” and a pop up will appear with two calendars.

To select your start date, click on the left date box and either type in a date or click on one in the calendar below. For the end date, do the same in the right date box. Finally, click apply and the dashboard will reveal analytics for the time period you selected.