Our Approach

"What makes us different?

Avant-garde Health's solution CareMeasurement.com begins with the premise that you can't improve what you don't measure.  Hospitals systematically collect large amounts of data, but presenting data analytics back to hospital executives and the care team continues to be a challenge. This lack of transparency, especially around financials, can make quality and cost improvements difficult to develop, implement and track. Avant-garde Health is transforming how providers optimize care delivery through a unique analytics approach that is:

Comprehensive - Accurate - Relevant - Engaging




In one seamless interface, we pull in data from multiple sources including patient reported outcomes, hospital cost and process information, as well as CMS claims data – so we are able to provide users with an analysis across the continuum of care – both inpatient and 90-days post-discharge. 

• Data from patient reported outcomes
• Inpatient care data from medical record
• Post-acute care data imported from CMS
• Performance improvement analytics



Our data scientists clean, scrub, catalog, risk-adjust data and automate Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) to provide over 60 rich and intuitive visualizations that identify opportunities for improvement. Because data is accurate and actionable, it's trusted and regularly presented at monthly physician section meetings, department meetings and hospital leadership meetings.

• Based on Harvard Business School research (TDABC)
• Actual costing methodology using detailed process maps
• Measures time and resources for each step in the care pathway
• Calculations using time stamps, supply costs, medication costs, labor costs



Because we aggregate data across our cohort, we are able to build insightful national benchmarks across each quality and cost metric. These allow provider organizations to see how they stack up against other organizations in our cohort and determine where they have opportunities for improvement relative to their peers. 

• Timely insights into metrics that matter to physicians and executives
• Compare performance metrics against peer institutions
• Measure against cohort members perform in the 75th percentile nationally
• Invitations to collaborate/network with cohort leaders regularly on best practices



Our analytics are granular at the individual procedure level, so they are meaningful to providers who perform these procedures. Using a combination of DRG, ICD and CPT coding algorithms we segment patients into clinically relevant populations that promote engagement among clinicians and administrators alike. 

• Tailored and built specifically for each clinical specialty
• Clinically-relevant to resonate with physicians and administrators
• Reflective of key quality indicators
• Actionable insights for optimizing care


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